Elsie’s Birthday Dress – Part 1

My niece, Elsie, will be a year old on May 6th and instead of taking a year to prepare for the perfect first birthday gift, I’ve come up with the best thing at the 11th hour. I won’t spend any of that time hemming or hawing about why I feel like I must torture myself like this, blah, blah, blah – I will just accept what is and move forward with my crazed plan. I found the perfect little baby dress pattern on Ravelry this morning.  That leaves me 9 days until her birthday, but don’t forget I need time for shipping it to Vermont, where she lives. I discovered that I didn’t have appropriate yarn for the project in my many, many stashes of yarn around the house, which is unbelievable but true. I had plenty of pretty sock yarns, but none that I had 2 skeins of that were also Superwash. So what did I do? I decided to dye my own, which is really cool, but totally eats into my knitting/shipping time. I won’t even go into what will happen if the dye job doesn’t come out the way I need it to…

Anyway, I tossed a couple of undyed skeins of Superwash wool into the pot this morning.


Then took a little too long choosing Periwinkle as my color.


I let it simmer a little, rinsed it a little, let it dry a little…


Isn’t it pretty?!


I twisted it up in skeins for the picture but it’s now hanging up outside drying. I’m thinking if I can start the dress tomorrow, I have half a shot at making this happen on time. She is going to be so beautiful in it!

Totally worth my personal anguish.

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